Monday, 27 June 2011

Grey Seal Intro

Trevor, an ex-Navy Seal, searches for the truth about his last mission, the man who shot him and what the military is covering up.  His quest leads him on a bigger journey – the discovery that Trevor may not be from our planet

That's the logline for Grey Seal, my online Sci-fi comic book series.  I've always been fascinated by alternate evolution theories and have been drawn to the type of story arcs found in BSG and The Event.  I also like flawed heroes who are intent to do the right thing even while they make mistakes.

It has been said that in comics the artist is as much of a story teller as the writer, and that statement couldn't be more true with Grey Seal.  Our artists are a group of very talented individuals who live in Bogota, Colombia, and operate under the company name Liberum Donum.  I've worked with them since 2006 and although in 5 years we've only seen each other three times, our vision and approach to Grey Seal (and everything else we've worked on) is very much in synch.  Later, I'll talk more about what it's like to produce something with someone who's in a different continent.

Our second chapter, titled The Translator is due out in the middle/end of July.  Our first chapter can be found at

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