Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Horses and the Internet

Do you ever feel that some things just don’t add up?  For me it’s the industrial revolution.  I mean our progress up to 1860 or so was at a very measured pace.  Sure we left our caves, but fire was as much in the centre of our civilization as it was two thousand years prior.  What’s funny is that if our great-great-great grandparents looked at their parents and grandparents, not much would have been different.  Not socially, and definitely not in the way they each lived, albeit a century apart.  But if you look at our current adult generation and their parents and grandparents, we have light-years between us.  The technology that surrounds us is almost incomprehensible to them.  My mother is convinced that THE Internet is downloaded to her computer.  If an 18th century soldier time traveled two centuries back, he’d still be on a horse.  If I fell into a coma for a couple of years I might not recognize the world when I woke up.

I don’t have answers. Only questions and theories. And a feeling that something just isn’t right.

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